As full as can be.

As full as can be.

It’s been (x) number of days since I ended my fast, I’m honestly too lazy to keep track because it doesn’t quite matter.

What (I think) matters is what most people might have in mind about eating – post fast.

I honestly thought I would have no stomach space to eat much post fast, but I guess I still had one more issue in my life to deal with: My past with anorexia.

But now doesn’t seem to be the right time to talk about that, so I shall hold that post close for a rainy day.


All I have to say for now, or wanted to post about, is how much my Jesus has been blessing me. All of my favourite foods he has somehow supplied to me, most of them I’ve partaken in without spending a cent- Pizza and beer parties, Indomie, salads, soup, tausarpiahs all lined up in a row, Haagen Dazs chillin’ in my freezer, falafels, stroopwafels from Amsterdam, pops cooking my favourite Dhal etc.

Well these foods aren’t actually all my favourites, nor are they things that I crave for constantly. But somehow knowing that all of the foods that I’ve been eating have been a blessing from my mighty God, makes me really content and happy with whatever I have in front of me.


God knows my tummy. God knows my wallet. God knows my heart.

I am so happy, and graced. Hue. Huehue.