New Beginnings (cheers!)



I’ve decided to start a wordpress, simply to begin a platform to recollect life events and flood pages with my travel pictures and stories (because who uses Vsco explore anymore? Sadly, the answer to that is – barely anyone).

Right now I’m still in the process of refining and editing the 2,000 some photos taken from my Europe trip, but i promise that I’ll try to upload them in a jiffy. And “in a jiffy” highly likely means, when I’m done with all of Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube videos.

Speaking of which, I would very much like to begin cooking again (is that a silently deafening cheer I hear from my pool of friends aye?) So this site would very much also be for me to upload recipes that I’ve been in inspired by, accompanied by successes and failures in recreating those delicious, mouth watering videos I’ve been watching.


Stay tuned, empty wordpress universe.

May some wandering eyes catch this post soon enough.